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Logo TV MediaTV Media is a professional production house for the production of projects for various television channels in Israel and of imaging and guidance movies.

Omri Galperin the C.E.O, is a television director and a tourism journalist who writes in the leading magazines in Israel, and also serves as a lecturer on special locations all over the globe.  

The production house works with creators who are professionals in their field, as the goal is the creation of new and unique content in television, and to produce imaging and guidance movies for companies, enterprises and organizations.

Television projects

The production house was involved in and created a number of unique television projects such as the travel series of "Touching the world", "Touching Israel” and also "A day in a veterinary clinic”, and many more.

About usTouching the world is a serial that takes the viewers to countries and places that most of the time only few travelers reach. The goal of the program is to expose the audience to special cultures all over the world and to really draw the viewer into the experience that is transferred in a traveler young and fresh way.
Each chapter ravels a different location to the Israeli viewers.

Touching Israel is a travel series that deals with the tourism of Israel. During the series we visit various places in Israel and examine other interesting and surprising aspects of tourism.
The aim of the series is to lead all the subjects that are connected to Israeli tourism and to draw the viewers nearer to domestic tourism and to the charming places in our country- those that one can declare as "we have seen, now we will visit".

A day in a veterinary clinic. A veterinarian accompanies the staff over a
day's visit in veterinary clinics and exposes the audience to the feelings and the excitement in the clinic. The program has a documentary taint and is intended to show the professional aspects and also the human aspects of the medical staff and the clients. Theses days we are gathering material for a series and veterinary clinics that are interested to be included in the series are invited to contact us.

Additional TV Projects: TV Media is also working and developing new projects that will be advertised in the future.

Magazine reportages

Omri Galperin is a licensed tourism journalist, a TV writer and a television director who focuses on nature, tourist and culture items. Every year Omri sets out to different destinations all over the world and reviews them for the Israeli readers. On top of that he gives lectures on the subject of "Unique travels all over the world".

Orit Galperin (Omri’s wife) is a professional photographer of nature, culture & tourism, and also working with Omri on various of projects, in Israel and around the world.

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